What is RAAD-RPA?

RAAD is an acronym in English, which means:

“Robotic Automation Access Delegation”.

RPA is an acronym in English, which defines a segment of the IT market, universally known, which means:

“Robotic Processes Automation”.

RAAD-RPA is the “Ultimate Automation through Robotization and Delegation of IT Processes.

The interdependence of IT staff acts as a barrier to the automation of existing processes. Existing Software Solutions on the market do not solve the problem of this interdependence and fail to deliver the full benefits of a true automation solution.

Only “Automation with Delegation” in conjunction with Process Robotization (RPA), can eliminate this interdependence, bring higher gains and productivity than conventional solutions.

With the effective application of RAAD-RPA, our customers experience their IT processes up to 8 times faster. Even greater gains are proven when we apply RAAD-RPA to Business Processes.

Two Fundamental Concepts of the RAAD-RPA Solution.

RAAD-RPA is a set of configurable modules capable of managing, developing and protecting the different classes of “robots” that automate IT tasks and services.

RAAD-RPA is a web-based solution that dispenses agent into client hardware, allowing IT tasks and processes to be “delegated” on demand to individuals and / or groups without interfering with other systems.


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“RAAD in the world of Human Resources”.

São Paulo, Brazil, 08/15/2016 – RAAD Solutions Corporation (RAAD) and DATAMACE Informática Ltda (DATAMACE), develop a technological and commercial partnership.

In September, DATAMACE customers will be able to have their internal processes of “Human Resources” and “Collaborative Portal”, fully integrated and automated in their respective technological platforms. After the integration and automation of all IT processes related to “Human Resources”, we will certainly have significant gains in efficiency and productivity.


Founded in 1987, Datamace is, admittedly, one of the national leaders in integrated solutions for the management of Human Resources, for all sectors of the economy. Serving more than 3,000 clients nationwide, its success story is marked by the knowledge of business rules by investing in people and new technologies.

Founded in 2013, RAAD is a Software and Services company with the sole purpose of providing solutions for Information Technology (IT) “Processes and Tasks” Automation.


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