We will help you improve IT Production Processes and Networks, plan and execute Automation Solutions for different technology platforms, train operations teams, and more.

RAAD Professional Services.

RAAD is ready to provide its customers with services to improve production processes, automate existing processes, install, configure and customize the RAAD Framework.

The designing and implementation of the RAAD Framework infrastructure takes into account the different aspects of the customer’s IT operations and processes such as geographic location, size of the operation, types of technologies and platforms involved, as well as requirements such as high availability, load, expected growth and hours of operation.

The initial installation and configuration of RAAD takes into account the current mechanisms used in the authentication of applications, as well as the practices, policies and procedures already in force in the IT operation, helping our customers to preserve the investments made.

Identifying possible initial points of integration with other products and platforms is also expected at this stage, enabling customers to prepare for a better and wider use of the RAAD Framework.

The simple and optimized RAAD infrastructure is able to meet not only the requirements of automation and delegation, but also enables the best performance and growth of our customers.

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RAAD Consultancy

We possess a highly capable consulting team that will search your company from top to bottom to discover all the ways you can automate your business. We start with identifying the automation potential of your company’s existing processes and procedures. Then our consultants help you identify every possible point of integration between RAAD and the other products, services, and platforms your company relies on. Our team will help you organize and prioritize our findings to create a plan to optimize your existing processes, automate IT tasks, improve security, increase productivity, and save you money.

Let our consulting team review, analyze, and generate a report identifying key areas for automation and process improvement for your current IT Operations. Our analysis takes into account your geographic location, operation size, IT operations, customer processes, technologies you use, solutions you’ve deployed, hours of operation, anticipated growth, and much more.

Our consultants are happy to advise you with the best ways to optimize your existing IT processes or develop a plan to automate your entire company from the ground up.

Call or contact us today to find out how we can help you automate services, remove interdependency, multiple productivity, and cut costs.

RAAD Training

RAAD always provides a two-day crash course in the use of RAAD, but we also offer specialized automation training to teach your IT staff how to automate any IT process/task and integrate it into the RAAD Solution.

To most people, the word automation implies an act or action, but the truth is that automation is a way of thinking. Effective automation requires you to think and analyze the problem in a specific way, it requires you understand both the underlying technology (multiprocessing, threading, sharing, etc), and the high level system development concepts (re-usability, status control, addressing, etc). You wouldn’t ask a mechanic to design and build a car, you wouldn’t ask a developer to manage your databases, and you shouldn’t let somebody without automation training try to automate your IT Operations. At RAAD Solutions, automation is our creed and we can teach everything we know to your IT team.

“It’s my goal to never do a manual task more than 3 times. The first time, I do everything manually to learn the process. The second time I start automating small repetitive parts of the manual process. By the third time I’ve automated the entire process, but I still execute it manually to compare results. After that, I press a button and the whole process executes automatically.”Fabio Rodrigues – RAAD Automation Guru

RAAD is qualified to train IT teams in everything from the basics of automation to specialized tools, automation strategies, and advanced design patterns. We teach more than the contemporary tools and this year’s marketing fad; we teach a methodology and a way of thinking about automation that prepared IT personnel to automate existing their companies existing and future IT processes. We train our students in a variety of techniques to identify, plan, and execute the automation of IT processes and we make sure they can do it on any platform. We believe it’s important that students learn how to automate on multiple platforms and be able to integrate tools and technologies that lack defined mechanisms to integrate with each other.



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